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Monday, February 02, 2004

Dearest classmates,
Dr. Lambiase has given me permission to present a 20-slide PowerPoint in an attempt to fully explain and dissect the metaphor articles I was assigned last week. It will only take about two hours, allowing plenty of time to make it home by midnight. Looking forward to it.

Ha!!! So, I thought the first half of the series was convoluted in some areas and clear in others. I enjoyed the slight (yeah right) hint of irony that popped up in the middle of the text. Also, most of the metaphors were direct. The one I had a hard time with was the causal Transfer. It reads: "An effect is an object transferred from a cause to an affected party." If that's not a Pink Floyd laser-light show on bad acid I don't know what is. Can someone help me out with this one?
I enjoyed the sporadic placement of comparisons and contrasts between qualitative and quantitative units of measurement and how the concept of war is justified and the consequences streamlined by proponents and pundits of war.
Part two was a little less sarcastic but a lot more powerful. The main points of interest were contained in the subheadings "What is victory?" and "The Arab Viewpoint." There were many times I thought about where I might be able to purchase the crystal ball the author obviously had ("Arab world will hate the U.S.", "the U.S. as a country of special interest", "bad things will be sure to happen"). It is still amazement how politics works and this article tries to explain some of the smoke-and-mirrors techniques used by speech writers and political teams to try and grab hold of some powerful life force that enables a great many members of the human race to believe in something without fully investigating it. Dr. Lakoff appears to live under the assumption that the response to the first war in Iraq may have been different had more people bothered to investigate some of the "other" causes behind it.
The references to fascism and communism were evident, as were the predictions about puppet governments and references to Vietnam.
I know we all had a lot to digest this weekend so I'll leave you now. I'm sure we will discuss more in class.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Hello. Just getting started here. Hope everybody enjoys the holiday.

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